Finally. . . A Double-Sided Cubicle Nameplate System!

cubicle x ray vision office nameplate sign frame Overview
  • No messy Adhesives for Fasteners required
  • Identify up to 20 Occupants at once
  • Transparent Frame Design
  • Optional No Mess Magnetic Fastening
  • Available with or without our Exclusive Decorative Aluminum Base
  • Several Fastening Choices
  • Ships Quickly

  • Magnetic Strip Mounting

    cubicle x-ray vision brand info magnetic strip mounting graphic
    Note: Includes magnetic tape, which is already applied. No need to choose the additional magnetic fasteners, unless the surface to which the frames will be attaching is a non- magnetic surface. Click image below for full size.

    Compatibility Chart

    cubicle x-ray vision compatibility with popular office furniture
    Cubicle X-Ray Vision has been designed with all of the major office furniture systems in mind. No matter what the design, the materials, make or model, Executive Graphic Systems guarantees a Cubicle X-Ray Vision fit.

    For over two years, thousands of our exclusive Cubicle X-Ray Vision frames have been installed in office environments throughout the US. We have had an unprecedented 100% success rate.
    The concept is simple, reliable, effective and most of all cost effective. No cubicle ID system available offers the visibility characteristics like Cubicle X-Ray Vision
    Several fastener options to choose from...including our most popular no mess magnetic fasteners.
    Contact us to today request a sample.

    Base Options

    cubicle x-ray vision black basecubicle x-ray vision aluminum base


    cubicle x-ray vision examplecubicle x-ray vision example 2cubicle x-ray vision example 3cubicle x-ray vision example 4
    cubicle x-ray vision example 5cubicle x-ray vision example 6cubicle x-ray vision example 7cubicle x-ray vision example 8