Metro Drop-In

Metro Drop-In

Metro Drop-in Nameplate frames are simply top-of-the line! These Do-It- Yourself Interior Office Signs are in a league of their own. These customized office signs are available in several sizes and finishes. Their distinctive glasslike lenses make them truly unique.


cubicle x ray vision office nameplate sign frame Overview

Sophisticated By Design

Drop-In frames are the perfect sign system for virtually any interior professional environment. This user-friendly sign system is easy to order, simple to maintain and cost effective to maintain. The thick crystal clear acrylic lens looks just like glass, creating an upscale appearance.

Simple To Maintain

In-house updates and insert production is very simple with the Drop-In frame system. Be and print. Cut and place your paper nameplates behind the lens of this extraordinary interior sign system. This “we-do” or do-it-yourself Drop-In sign system allows you to instantly print inserts and updates in a matter of two or three minutes.

Frame Finishes

Frame Finishes

metro drop-in office nameplate sign frame finish 1 - Silver Metallic

Silver Metallic

metro drop-in office nameplate sign frame finish 2 - White


metro drop-in office nameplate sign frame finish 3 - Black


Lens Types

Lens types

Two clear lens color options are available. Executive Graphic Systems provides both a crystal clear acrylic lens, and for an additional accent, we offer a subtly green tinted lens. The tinted lens provides an additional effect of authentic glass to your Drop-In Sign system.

metro drop-in office nameplate sign lens type 1 - Clear


metro drop-in office nameplate sign lens type 2 - Green

Subtle Green Tint

Additional Information

Additional Information


Wall mounted frames can be installed with double-sided tape,Velcro and adhesive. For workstation applications, we offer several options, including custom hanging brackets designed to fit your system and magnetic backs.


Holders are designed to house printed paper inserts. Any type of paper will work with the system. We currently offer two colors of pre-perforated papers (cream & warm gray) to fit all three standard sized frames.


If desired, we can tailor the signs to suit your specific needs. We can add raised numerals or letters and braille for room identification. Vinyl room numbers can be added for workstation positions.


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