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  • Your Office Signs Could Get You a Pay Raise, Here is Why...

    Setting up an office space can be a daunting task. There are just too many things that occupy your time and attention. Many of these things bleed your company’s wallet in unexpected ways.

    There is one area where you can save a lot of money and make a strong case for your pay raise. Yes, we are talking about Do-it-Yourself (DIY)  signs!

    How much money can you save using DIY office signs?

    DIY signs can cost your company 6x lesser than traditional signs. Let’s take the example of a recent customer who bought $7,000 worth of office signage from us. For the exact same number of signs, the local signage company quoted her a staggering $43,000. That means she saved a whooping $34,000 on office signage.

    Wouldn't that be a reason for her boss to rejoice and feel proud of her? And that’s just one reason.

    Here are four more reasons why DIY signs are a smarter choice:

    1. Get Creative

    You don't have to rely on your contractor to design office signs and then receive something unexpected. In DIY signs, there are no surprises, only creativity. Once you choose a frame, you can design the insert the way you want it. If you think the signs are getting outdated, simply design new ones and replace the insert.

    2. Plenty of choices

    DIY signs come in a wide range of color and finishes. We have the stylish European curved Vista Signs, the modern Arris signs, the Classy Metro drop-in and Affordaframe signs under $25. Shop around and you will easily find great DIY office signs within your budget.

    3. Zero dependency

    Choosing DIY office signs means, you no longer have to worry about calling the local sign company; scheduling an install or overseeing the entire activity. You can choose a specific day or simply install them over a period of few days. There is complete freedom and flexibility.

    4. Easy to install

    These products are easy to install and do not require special tools or machinery. You can use VHB double-sided tape or the semi-permanent Remo tapes that can stick on virtually any surface. In case you have a fabric surface, you can use Velcro or cubicle pins.

    5. Finally…

    Not only add a professional touch to your office, but they also reduce your stress and potentially save thousands of dollars.

    You've got one more reason to a much-deserved pay raise.

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