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  • Top 3 Brands for Conference Room Signs

    Clients can tell a lot about a company based on the signage it uses for its office. From door signs and notice holders, to desk signs and cubicle signs, the way a business displays the names of its employees and management, or the way it displays simple messages, communicates a clear message about the identity of the company. Conference room signs are not an exception. Sure, any DIY conference room sign you choose will hold a message you put into it, but the message of the frame itself – that’s something that should be carefully looked at when looking for a conference room sign. And don’t think that conference room signs which look good have to be expensive – there’s a sign out there for every budget. With that in mind, there are three of the best conference room sign brands to choose from according to your needs.

    Metro Drop In

    Sample Conference Room sign

    Metro Drop in Conference room signs

    Metro Drop In conference room signs are the mid to high-range option. They begin quite simple, with no additional features, at the less expensive end of the pricing spectrum, and evolve into signs which include a slider which indicates occupancy. There are a couple of models to choose from, but what they all have in common is that they come in three finishes – metallic silver, white, and black, and with two different colored lenses – clear and see-through subtle green tint. The lenses used in Metro Drop In conference room signs are made of thick acrylic, which has a remarkable resemblance to read glass. That kind of lens adds plenty of class, and perfectly complements the look of the frames. Metro Drop In conference room signs can be used with paper inserts only, and depending on your needs, they can come with lettering in braille. Easy to use, with plenty of choices, Metro Drop In signs are perfect for an office that needs professional signage but doesn’t want to go on a splurge to get it, as well as the office which is willing to spend the most money to get the best signs around.


    Affordaframe Conference Room Signs Affordaframe Conference Room Signs

    Affordaframe Sample Conference Room signAffordaframe is the most affordable of the three brands. However, its affordability doesn’t mean it doesn’t look professional, because Affordaframe signs are as professional-looking as conference room signs can be. With crystal clear acrylic mounted, an Affordaframe sign will look good in any professional environment, as will any type of insert you decide to put into them. If there was a downside of Affordaframe conference room signs, it would be that they come in only one finish and in one style. If the lack of options isn’t something that might dissuade you, and you’re looking for a great conference room sign for your office that won’t break your budget, Affordaframe would be the way to go.


    Arris sample conference room signs

     With their brushed aluminum finish, Arris conference room signs are the most professional looking of all the three brands. They look great, they have a slider to indicate occupancy, and they don’t cost as much as the more expensive Metro Drop In ones, while still providing great value. They have a clear, non-glare lens which can be removed using a suction cup, but doesn’t make them hard to handle or use. They have only one design, with a flat profile, and only one finish option. They do come in two different sizes, and they can be installed on the wall using various different methods. While Arris signs are not the most expensive, or the cheapest, they are probably the signs that are the most cost-effective, which makes them a popular option for offices looking to add a touch of clean, aluminum professionalism to their office design.

    As anyone who works in an office could testify, every little detail can make the difference in perception of the whole business. Using the signs which don’t convey a message of professionalism, a message that says “this is a place of business”, could be the touch to ruin an otherwise great image the office’s design projects. When speaking of conference room signs, any of the signs from these three brands will be a great option for most offices. All of them are easy to order, install and use, and because they are DIY conference room sings, you can change the inserts used with them according to your needs.

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