5 Simple Steps to Harness the Power of DIY Sign Frames

Sip in coffee and relax while you design your DIY Sign frames/ name plates. They are easy and reliable. You can be as creative as you want.

Why hire a sign maker when you have all that is needed to design them? Wondering how to use them after placing order. Here are five easy and fun ways to transform DIY sign frames:

  1. Design It

Often we are not satisfied with what our designer or sign maker provides us. Every person has a way or idea on how his/her office should be. Our DIY sign frames give you the opportunity to explore your creative sides.

All you need to do is use Microsoft Word and our pre-designed inserts. Using our templates, you can design a brand new layout or style your office sign frame or nameplates.

Is it ready already? Well, we have step two ready too.

  1. Print It

After designing, comes printing part. And this is really simple because you don’t need a special printer or paper to print the inserts.

Be careful here. You need to have specific size for your sign frame. If you have designed something colorful, , you will need a high quality inkjet printers that yield best color and graphics.

  1. Trimming

Trimming ensures that the visible area is adjusted and all extra paper is cut off.

  1. Install it

You can choose relevant accessories like tape, mounting pins or other tools. Use them to install them and fasten them. So the sign frames do not look misfit.

The good news is - You can change the inserted nameplates as required. No need to shell out extra money for that! Just order a FREE kit of DIY name plates from us and give it a try.

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