Nameplates for Cubicles: Identifying and Inspiring Employees

There are many advantages to having name plates for employees. There are distinct benefits for the company as well, although, they might be unseen advantages at first glance.

Enhance the Professional Image of the Company

When you have engraved nameplates for employees, it creates a professional image for the company. Nameplates can have the employees' names and the company logo to create a stylish way to enhance and reinforce the company's branding.

Encourage a Sense of Belonging for Employees

Employees who have nameplates are likely to feel more welcomed into the company. There's a sense of permanence and belonging they'll feel, and employees will be inspired to work harder. Once an employee has a comfortable paycheck, the most important part of their working environment is the fulfillment they feel in their job. Name plates on cubicles encourage the sense that the employee is an important part of the company.

Personalize Cubicle Space

In a large company filled with cubicles, it will be hard to have a sense of individual identity. Cubicles are identical until employees make them more personalized. Some employees fill their cubicle with trinkets, photos and plants while others work better in a blank space. With the use of name plates for cubicles, each space is automatically identifiable and personalized to the employee who occupies the desk area.

Identify Employees

In a sea of cubicles, it can be difficult to find an employee's space unless there is a nameplate. It helps new employees identify their co-workers. Upper management can easily find an employee's space when they might not know the worker personally.

There are many types of nameplates that can be personalized with the employee's name and company logo. The kind that is used would depend on the needs of the company and whether the employee's nameplate will sit on top of a desk or hang from the outside of a cubicle.

Hanging Nameplate

Hanging nameplates have a hook attached to the back to slide over the top of a cubicle wall. These nameplates are convenient if employees might be moved frequently.

Wall Mounted Nameplate

Wall mounted nameplates can be used for manager's offices. They can be attached to the wall or the door so that employees, clients and colleagues can see the name before entering the office. The nameplate can be engraved with a job title too.

Desktop Nameplate

Desktop nameplates can be given to executives in the company. They add a bit of elegance and style compared to the generic name plates for cubicles. They can be engraved with the employee's name, title and the company logo.

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