Advantages of Name Plates for Workstations

When you are new to an office environment, it's a lot easier to navigate the premises and find people with the help of name plates for workstations. These are used to identify the employees in a company by indicating their name and at times, their designation. They can be made in an assortment of ways to meet the needs of employers.

They are available in different shapes, finishes, and textures, depending on the specifications required. While there are businesses that use name plates made from metal, those made from polycarbonate and polystyrene are quickly becoming a popular choice.

Advantages of Name Plates for Workstations

  • They help in finding an office or a person

With the names of people on their desks and departments clearly labeled on the door or wall, it's easier to find who or what you need.

  • They promote efficiency in a workplace

Personnel can focus more on their job responsibilities rather than find their way around inside an office.

  • They create an organized office environment

The office looks more structured, wherein it is easier to know one department from another.

  • They give employees the recognition they deserve

Name plates for workstations let employees feel that they are important and are part of an organization. This helps promote loyalty to the company.

Desk Nameplates

These are mounted on a flat surface such a desk. Aside from the name of an employee, this usually includes his/her position or title.

Cubicle Nameplates

The demand for cubicle nameplates is slowly increasing as more employees are working in these workstations. A nameplate usually contains the name and designation of a person. However, due to the changes in an organization, wherein employees transfer or get promoted, a changeable nameplate can provide a cost effective solution. This is made of a frame, which can hold a paper insert. So every time there are changes, this can be typed on the computer and printed out to replace the insert.

Nameplates with Messages

Aside from the name and designation, some types of nameplates can also include a message below them, which can be moved to change. For instance, a doctor’s nameplate can consist of the doctor’s name on the first line and below this, it can have the Doctor is In/Out message. An executive can have his name on top and the “Do not disturb” sign below to indicate that there is an ongoing meeting.

Price and Availability

Nameplates are available for as low as $20 on our site. These can also be customized to meet the preference of a client.


Nameplates for workstations provide several benefits for a company and its employees. First, it makes it easier to identify people and departments. It also allows an office to be more organized. Most important of all, it lets employees feel that they really belong to an organization.

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