How to Choose the Right Installation Option for Your DIY Office Signs

Concerned about installing a DIY Office sign? On contrary to popular belief, DIY office signs are extremely fast and easy to install. It takes only a couple of minutes to setup a DIY office signs without needed an expert help. It's as easy as attaching photo frame in your living room wall.

Let’s explore various installation options for DIY office signage so that you can determine the best one for yourself.

1. Installing Signs on Walls/Glass doors/Wooden Partitions

Double sided mounting tapes are the most popular option for installing office signs in Walls, Glass or Wooden partitions. Two installation options are available in adhesive mounting tape:

  • VHB double-sided tapes
  • Semi-permanent tapes, also known as Remo tapes

While both of them can be used on a variety of surfaces such as a wall, wood or a glass pane, they are somewhat different in terms of their adhesive capabilities.

VHB double-sided tapes are highly adhesive tapes used in auto and aero industries to attach door panels and assemble wings. Use these taps when you are looking to attach the office signs permanently.

Remo tapes are less adhesive and easier to remove. Use them if you plan to repaint your office walls or need signs to be installed for the short-term.

Mounting tapes can also be used on glass surfaces. Even though the mounting tape can be viewed from the other side of the glass, this can be easily rectified by using a simple backer plate to hide the back of the sign and the tape.

2. Installing Signs on Office Cubicles

If the cubicles in your office have fabric surface, either cubicle mounting pins or Velcro can be used to attach the signs. Cubicle mounting pins are a much more popular option, as they hold better than Velcro.

Cubicle partition brackets are a popular alternative if you are using double sided cubicle signs, such as our best selling Cubicle X-Ray Vision.

3. Installing on Steel surfaces

For mounting a sign on a steel surface, you have the option of using magnetic tapes. These are very easy to use and can be removed without leaving any marks on the surface.

4. Traditional Mounting holes

Though we do not recommend mounting holes, you can use them if you already have mounting holes drilled into a surface. We can make the holes on our signs. You might need additional anchors and screws for maximum stability.

Let’s summarize

  • VHB Double sided tapes are the best option to permanently attach your office signs on a variety of surfaces
  • Double sided Remo tapes are a great alternative if you are looking to attach the signs on a temporary basis
  • Magnetic tapes can be used to attach signs on a steel/metal surface
  • Cubicle pins and cubicle partition brackets are a popular choice to attach cubicle signs.
  • Mounting holes and Velcro are the least popular options and you can use them in special situations
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