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  • Choose Affordable Signs for your Office

    “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and your office beauty is integrated with your office signs. They have to be updated, trendy, and unique to leave a mesmerizing effect on your clients and customers.

    However, one huge mistake everyone often makes while choosing the office signs is to focus on expensive signs instead of trying economical yet lovely signs. Even if expensive things are interesting and flattering, it does not mean they are always worth spending.

    affordable office sign

    It happened with Elena too. She, being an interior designer was given the job of reconstructing a well-known fashion house. From flowers to doormats, she had planned everything.

    When it came to signs, she too fell prey in choosing expensive ones. Luckily, she did not order them but had a quick trial. It was then she realized her mistake. Those looked pretty but in long run, they needed to be changed or revamped which was not feasible with her client. They lacked flexibility – an important aspect, which everyone forgets to cross check.

    On suggestion of her client, she went online to check DIY and economical signs. While surfing, she saw AffordaFrame signs, which came under $20 per sign. This left her with a happy smile and satisfied customer. Without thinking a minute further, she had a quick chat with customer care, who understood and guided her through the entire process. She came to know about sample kit, which she eagerly ordered.

    No mess and easy to put up, Elena did everything herself. Yes, it is no rocket science to design and hung these signs. After trying it, she became a regular customer at and used their services for every client. Now, she can provide her clients with attractive office signs ideas easily and in less budget which works in favor of both – Elena and her clients.

    If you too want to try our affordable AffordaFame signs, here is a sneak peek of them:

    • They are attractive and affordable
    • A perfect solution for all budgets
    • They come in Aluminum and Acrylic material
    • Classic and Crystal are two forms of AffodaFrame:
                1. Classic having a neat finish, which can be clustered with any combinations
                2. Crystal providing a glass and classy touch to the regular style, making it look more glamorous
    • They start from $7, quite pocket-friendly. Don’t you think so?
    • You can have your own DIY signs for every corner of your office
    • You can have an option of our free sample kit to be 100% sure

    Do not judge the book by its cover. Being cheap or affordable does not make them less special. Our range of AffordaFrame is an attractive and economical solution for any type of office environment. It is the perfect signage option for businesses on budget. In addition to AffordaFrame, we also have a variety of options of office door signs, wall signs, wall frames, office nameplates, desk signs, and many others. To know more about our products, please visit or reach us at [email protected]

  • Spice up your office with DIY signs

    Names are a personal recognition. They distinguish you from others and make you stand out from the crowd. Imagine a world, where everyone is either ‘He’ or ‘She.’ Would you prefer that?

    Just like that, office signs and name plates differentiate you and your workplace from other companies in similar business. Taking it a step further, cubicle signs and conference room signs separate and divide office space into an organized manner. They make it quite easy for people to distinguish and reach to the right person for the right job.

    Well, this being a primary benefit, the way in which the office signs are changing, they are creating a new niche and need in the industry. Our website caters to these changing trends and needs. You can order and make your sign from our website and beautify your office space.

    Our DIY signs, office door signs, and signs for business enrich the look and feel of the office space. Moreover, it gives the employees the feelings of belonging ness and makes a comfort ambiance for the clients.

    Let us take two scenarios to see how and when DIY signs can help in spicing your office:

    Scenario 1: A new employee is about to join your office. He is brilliant and you want to ensure he feels at peace and home while being at your place. And thus, you want a desk name plate designed for him. Log on to our website and get a cubicle or desk sign ready for him, in his name. You can opt to buy a single DIY sign and simply print his name on the paper and put it in it. It would not only make your employee feel special but will win his heart.

    Offfice cubicle Signs

    Scenario 2: A new client is going to meet you for the first time. And you want to impress him in first meeting. You have everything in the office but if the client has to wait or ask at reception again & again for small things, it would not leave a good impression. Order some special and customized office door signs, conference room signs, and other DIY signs. You can even change the contrast and color of the signs as per the requirement. Eye catching name plates will make it easy for your clients to find their way or reach out to the concerned people.

     Office Desk SignsAs seen, both the scenarios are different but office name plates can serve purpose of all. The best part of reaching to is that, you can get your choice of office signs delivered at your doorstep and get them designed as per your choice too. Our DIY office signs give the clients ultimate freedom to craft the best signage for them.

    If you want to know more about our products or want to order in bulk, please write to us at [email protected], or visit our website at

  • Document Holders for Ideal Display

    How many times has it happened that you cannot find the correct documents while you need them? Say adieu to this problem and many other by buying a neat and classy document holder from our website.

    Whenever a client or an interviewee comes to your office, they should be able to flip some information on your existing work or important notices easily. Document holder ensures that all your documents are in one place and serves its purpose.

    We, at understand your needs. And so, we offer an entire range of document holder to choose from. Keeping it not confined to document holders, we also offer you rectangular, cubicle name plate holders, hanging cubicle name plate holders, acrylic sign holders, or square shaped document holders to display company’s important notices or flyers.

    Document Holder & Clips Document Holder & Clips
    Document Holder & Clips Document Holder













    Benefits of using a document holder -

    Our creative team ensures that we come up with some new and improved ideas and designs every time. We work closely to the changing trends and incorporate them in our product list – to serve the best options to you. Some of the reasons why you should choose a proper document holder revolve around factors such as:

    • They keep your task and information arranged in a well managed way.
    • Small sized, they can be fit anywhere and can be moved easily.
    • It makes it easy to change the documents as you change your company’s policies or requirements.
    • It forms a professionalism impression on your visitors.

    Being in this industry for many years, we know the requirements and have seen the changes happening. Due to our vast knowledge, we help our clients to choose the best and reliable document holder for their work. Their requirements and our expertise when collaborated can form a new style and design. With the new and improved delivery services and standard delivery options, you can quickly receive your order, placed with us. If you want to know more about our services or want to order in bulk, please write to us at [email protected], or visit our website here -> office name plates online.

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