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  • A Complete Guide to Choose Office Cubicle Signs

    Today’s life is reduced to a cubicle. As most of us spend at least 7-9 hours daily in office, it has become our second home. Most of the offices follow the cubicle rule where one cube is your place. You can decorate and stuff it the way you want.

    So why not get some attractive cubicle name plates or cubicle door signs to give it a personal touch! DIY Cubicle signs have recently gained prominence and they are easy and fun to incorporate. They are flexible and hence, can be put up in any place. We would surely recommend cubicle signs for you.

    There are many online shopping websites, which can allow you to order them for your workspace. is such an online website, which offers you many attractive and unique DIY cubicle signs. It has offerings in Arris, Metro Drop-in, Vista System, X-Ray Vision, and many other varieties that make your cube look classy and different.

    office cubicle signs

    Choosing an appropriate cubicle sign

    Cubicle signs come in various forms such as Arris, Vista, and X-Ray. While each of them is good in its own way, there’s slight differentiation between them. Here’s how you can choose one for you:

    Arris Sign
    Arris Sign provides a clean and high-end custom look to all the signs. They are purely professional signs, available in various shapes and sizes. Small yet beautiful, it is portable and pocket –friendly. For cubicles, Arris signs have many options that are easy to attach workstation signs. They come with aluminum Panel Clip, which is compatible with any workstation.

    However, since you can only apply them on your wall, it is not visible from every end. Therefore, it makes a nuance if someone has to find your desk.

    Vista System
    Designed for hassle free and easy process, Vista System is applicable for a wide range of applications. It makes it better than other signs as the system is compatible with all application and materials available in this industry. This includes various materials made by many manufacturing techniques, such as printed-paper, engraved, screen-printed substrates, photo-metal, photo-polymer, vinyl graphics, photo-luminescent safety signs, including ADA compliant materials.

    The curvaceous ends to these signs make them more adorable and standard for office. However, despite all these features, they too like Arris can be applied only on wall. Therefore, they are best for door signs but not as cubicle name plates.

    Cubical X Ray Vision
    Cubical X ray vision is the answer to all problems, literally. They are perfect as cubical name plates. Their X Ray vision enables the boss or the client to know who is who from any end of the office. They glitter and shine to make everyone a winner. It has been designed keeping all major furniture systems in mind. The concept is simple, reliable, and effective.

    They are mess free and their magnetic fastening helps them to put it on top of cubical. Hence, your name can be identified as soon as any one enters. It comes with various bases and color options, which you can utilize as per your use. Hence, it is the ultimate winner in the race of cubical name plates and signs.

  • The Best Office Cubicle Nameplate System Money Can Buy

    Cubicle X-Ray Vision nameplate system is one the most sought after DIY office nameplates solutions. The main advantage of the Cubicle X-Ray Vision system is that it offers the visibility you won't be able to find in ordinary cubicle nameplates. The enhanced visibility in Cubicle X-Ray Vision is accomplished by placing the nameplate on the top of the cubicle. That way, the nameplate can be seen from any part of the office without the need to walk up to the cubicle and read the nameplate. Cubicle X-Ray Vision nameplates are double-sided, so they can be used with inserts printed on both sides for even better visibility.
    double sided cubicle signs


    Cubicle X-Ray Vision nameplates come with magnetic tapes already attached to their base. Magnetic tapes work best with Cubicle X-Ray Vision nameplates because they allow easy installation and removal. With a wider base, the nameplates are set up firmly, so there’s no it will be knocked down, even if the cubicle wall is shaken.
    If the cubicles in your office are made of a metallic material, Cubicle X-Ray Vision nameplates is all you need to start organizing your office in a better way. If there are no magnetic materials used for the cubicles, there is adhesive backed magnetic tape which can be applied to the cubicle wall at the spot where you'd like to place the nameplate. These additional magnetic tapes are still a better option than applying an adhesive and permanently attaching the nameplate to the cubicle wall.


    Cubicle X-Ray Vision nameplate system is compatible with a large number of office furniture from major manufacturers. From AIS and Global, to Knoll, Steelcase and Teknion, the list is extensive and it covers the biggest names in the office furniture industry. Cubicle X-Ray Vision's simplicity ensures it can be used with a majority of furniture systems, without losing its effectiveness or increase the cost.

    Base Options

    There are three different base options when ordering our Cubicle X-Ray Vision nameplates – baseless, with black aluminum base, and with satin aluminum base.
    Depending of the type of insert you want to use with the nameplates, sign frames are available in different widths and heights. There options are both aesthetic and functional, and allow you to fine tune the nameplates to your exact needs.


    Cubicle X-Ray Vision nameplate system is the best solution for cubicle nameplate because it's easy to install, cost-effective, and makes it infinitely easy to find the right person from a distance.

    That’s the reason, Cubicle X-Ray vision has been our top-selling signage system for many years.

    For more information on Cubicle X-Ray vision, click on the link below:

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