5 Mistakes People Make in Buying Office Signs

Office Signs are the lifeline of any workplace. In today's modern office environment, the need for signages have evolved from merely being a way-finding solution to a source of communicating a variety of information across the office very effectively. However, choosing office signs is not easy. In absence of right guidance, you might end up buying office signs that lack in flexibility and get outdated soon. This might also result in lot of money being wasted which can otherwise be easily prevented with the right information.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that you should try to avoid when buying office signs:

1. Going to the traditional sign maker

When you go to the traditional sign maker, your signage cost is at least 3x higher than more modern, technologically advanced signs. The traditional sign maker usually have very limited options and they end up selling you custom signs. The turnaround time for custom signs is anywhere between 6 to 15 days depending on how many signs you need and type of work needed.

Custom made signs not only take longer to make, they are also unchangeable. So, when there is new role or an employee leaves, you have to order a new sign all together.

In the past decade, office sign technology has evolved to such a great extent that you no longer have to opt for custom signs. The modern sign technology allows you to put an insert by printing it using regular printer and paper. So when there is change in the office, you don’t have to replace the entire sign, you only need to replace the printed insert.

2. Too much attention on design, ignoring flexibility

Those fancy lettering, glossy effect or colorful patterns might sound attractive but the biggest challenge in any office environment is “change”. If you are too much focused on the look and feel of your office signs, the flexibility and modularity might take a back seat. Which in turn can become an expensive affair.

For instance, imagine a certain cubicle or an office door sign needs to be changed. These fancy signs were done long back. And you contacted your traditional sign maker only to discover that they do not make those designs anymore or that material is discontinued.

Eventually, you are forced to order another design, which is different from all other signs in your office. This new sign becomes the odd one out. As a result, the aesthetic quality of your office space takes a hit and people start questioning your ability to make things consistent.

Before you choose a design, you need to ask yourself these questions:

Can I use the same sign in difference situations if the need arise?

Can I upgrade these signs based on changing information needs of my office?

You might have your local sign maker design great signs with embossed typography but it may not serve you in the long-term. Your signage money goes straight to the dustbin.

Using modern sign technology such as The Vista System, you have complete flexibility to use the same sign in multiple situations based on changing office needs. All you need to do is to simply replace the insert and the same sign is ready for the new job. Take the same sign to cubicle, office door or inside the conference room as notice holder, it will work. That’s the reason, you need flexibility first and fancy look next.

3. Not planning in advance

Most people buy signs when the need arise. Either you have a new office coming up or there is a change required in a few signs. Which is perfectly fine. However in such situations, you are often in a hurry to get the signs right on your door, conference room or the wall. In a quest to buy sign to solve your short-term problem, you might be missing the opportunity to see the bigger picture. There might be far greater possibilities to use signs in your office than your immediate needs and it should be thought out. Hence, before you venture out to shop for signs, you can identify and evaluate all possible ways you want to display information within your office environment. Office signs not only provide necessary information to the visitor, but they also add a touch of excitement and brings charm to your office.

Here are a few examples you can use office signs in innovative and interesting ways:

  1. Displaying performance charts in conference rooms
  2. Showcasing top performing employees
  3. Making office look interesting with “thought of the day”, displaying interesting slogans or humorous signs
  4. Office desks nameplates
  5. Reception desk “welcome message”
  6. Important instructions for Visitors
  7. Office directory
  8. Employee noticeboards
  9. Stairs and doorways way finding
  10. Safety signs
  11. Signs for Restrooms

As a first step, you must identify all possible applications for your office signs and make a list. You might also want to look at signs that are aging and showing presence of wear and tear. Next, identify places where you can have all these signs and what sizes would fit the best. Once you have done that, you precisely know in advance where your office signs are needed and how many of them are required. Then it is way easy to order signs.

4. Not researching enough

With the advancement in sign technology, there is far more variety of office signs available than you can imagine. Especially, the modular curved frame technology or MCFT from Vista Signs is a breakthrough in modern signage systems in what it can do to your office.

Vista System was originally designed as a sign frame holder for a wide range of applications. Eventually, this became a huge advantage over traditional signs. The system is designed to handle most applications and materials. This includes printed paper, engraved, embossed, screen-printed substrates, photo-metal, photo-polymer, vinyl graphics, photoluminescent, safety signs, tactile, and more. The material used includes polymers and metals of all types, plastics, paper and many others. Any material with flexibility and correct thickness may be used as an insert in the Vista System frames.

As a result, you not only have a great looking curved frame signs, you are getting the signs that has the greatest versatility and flexibility needed. Unfortunately, very few sign makers educate their customers in this area and people end up purchasing signs that lack the desired versatility needed in the modern office environment.

5. Buying signs with no replacement guarantee

You are waiting for the big day; your signs are about to arrive. You open the box with sheer eagerness and suddenly, all your excitement turns into frustration. You did not like the signs that arrived. They are different than what you expected. You called up the sign maker and they simply raise their hand, saying nothing can be changed now.

Many of our customers have experienced this in past from traditional sign makers. And eventually, if your sign maker doesn’t offer a free replacement, all you are left with is the "labor of love". You have to live with signs that you don’t like.

Hence, before you enter into a buying decision, check with your sign maker if they offer a 30-days replacement guarantee. For some reason, you did not like the office sign and want to send them for replacement, your sign make should be able to replace them for free. If your sign maker does not offer a replacement, you might have to compromise later on. Don’t get on that bus.

Officenameplates.com offers 30-days free replacement guarantee on all its’ signs. It is one of the many ways we treat our customers with high quality signs and a great service experience to complement them.

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