10 tips for greener office buildings and work environments

In the United States office buildings use about 40 percent of the available energy. In densely populated urban areas, that figure could increase to 75 percent. In most cases, it is fairly easy to decrease this.

To meet the tremendous energy needs in the U.S., it is necessary that buildings handle their energy and office supplies efficiently. Greener buildings also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and save money. Here we provide some useful tips on how to get a greener office.

1. Measure the water usage in your office

Check the water usage in your office(s) so that you can understand where most water is used - and wasted. A leaky faucet can easily spill more than 250 gallons of water per month.

2. Train your staff

Train your employees in energy management and new green office technologies. You will notice this will be beneficial for everyone. Local technical schools can often provide these trainings.

3. Save on water in your office

Water-saving taps and toilets are used in most buildings. But there are many more (technical) possibilities to save water, that are not so expensive nowadays. Think about plants in offices for better humidity.

4. Maintenance equipment

Poorly maintained equipment in offices also increases energy loss. For example boilers and air conditioners.

5. Do not overload the energy supplies in the office

Set the standards for hot and cold water for heating as low as possible, but still comfortable. It saves energy and it doesn’t overload the systems.

6. Comply with energy standards in your office

When building, remodeling or renovating a building: make sure your building meets the latest energy standards. It ultimately saves costs, it’s better for the environment and you create a healthier working environment for your employees.

7. Continuously monitor your workspaces

Constantly look for issues that can be improved. There are many opportunities to save energy and for creating better working and living environment for users.

8. Purchase eco-friendly office signage

It might not seem like a big deal, but all non-biodegradable plastics are harmful for the environment. If you reorganize your office and have to buy new office signage, consider buying eco-friendly office signs.

9. Buy office supplies that are energy efficient

Replace outdated office equipment and only buy devices and supplies that have an energy label. Think twice about second hand stuff.

10. Choose 'green' suppliers

Make your own supply chain greener working together with energy-conscious suppliers.

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